What to do Before the End of Legion
What to do Before the End of Legion

What to do Before the End of Legion

With Battle for Azeroth quickly approaching it can be easy to forget what to do before Legion ends. This guide should help you make sure you are on track. Several things will be removed, and many more things will become harder. Here is what to do before the end of Legion.

What to do Before the End of Legion Checklist

Preparing for Leveling

You will likely want to sell everything in your reagents tab.
You will likely want to sell everything in your reagents tab.
  • Sell all of your materials, trade in all of your Primal Sargarite and Blood of Sargeras, and get rid of anything that will be outdated when the new expansion hits. Don’t end up like me, with Mists of Pandaria mats forever. Keep a few flasks and pots for leveling and early raiding. Prices for the new pots and flasks will likely be inflated at first.
  • If you don’t have water walking, work on getting a water strider from Nat Pagle. Leveling is significantly easier when you can just mount up and run across the water. The Anglers offer three dailies a day, and if you start now you will be able to get to Exalted with Nat Pagle in time to purchase the Azure Water Strider for 5000g.I earned this mount in the preparation for Warlords of Draenor.
  • Get a repair mount. Reins of the Travelers Tundra Mammoth is 16,000g in Dalaran from Mei Francis. You will get more than your moneys worth being able to sell and repair on the go. If you need help making enough gold to afford it, check out my gold making guide.
  • Purchase the Guild Battle Standard of Cooperation. It increases the experience gained by you and other members of your guild by 15%. If you level with your guildies, you can group up mobs and kill them near it for a small boost in leveling speed once every couple of minutes.The cooldown is once every 10 minutes, and it lasts 15.


Preparing for the Removal of Content

Once you do all this, you’re technically prepared for the new expansion, unless you care to get the things that will be removed once the expansion launches. Here’s a list of things that will be removed, sorted into PVE and PVP objectives.

PVE Objectives to do Before the End of Legion

  • Ahead of the Curve and Cutting Edge achievements awarded for defeating Argus the Unmaker will no longer be obtainable. This also means the Violet Spellwing quest will disappear and the Mythic mounts will go down to 1% drop chance."<yoastmark
  • The Brawler’s guild achievements will likely move to the Legacy tab once 8.0 hits.
  • If you want the Mage Tower appearances for your weapon, you must beat the Mage Tower during Legion. The base appearance must already be earned before Battle for Azeroth hits live servers.Boomkin Mage Tower
  • Earn the achievements related to unlocking all of the traits on a single artifact weapon. They will also be going away at the end of Legion.
  • The Chosen achievement, awarded for defeating the Trial of Valor raid with no one dying, will no longer be obtainable. It rewards the title “The Chosen” as well as a transmog set.

PVP Objectives to do Before the End of Legion

  • Legion Elite PvP Sets, awarded for achieving a 2k+ rating in Rated Battlegrounds or Arenas, will be going away, along with the achievement “Demonic Elite”.

  • Ashran and all of it’s achievements and great titles are being retired in Battle for Azeroth.
  • Strand of the Ancients is being removed for 8.0, and any of the achievements related to it will become Feats of Strength.
  • While not being removed in 8.0, the Underbelly in Dalaran will have significantly less people in it, so obtaining the Ratstallion mount by obtaining 20,000 sightless eye will be much more difficult.
  • Doomsayers Robes are quite easy to obtain right now, with most people spending time in their class halls and Dalaran. Once Battle for Azeroth hits the faction’s main cities will be packed. Killing the NPCs that drop this gear is going to get much more difficult.




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