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SPN Performance

SPN Performance is a local automotive performance shop that specializes in Nissans. Initially I designed the following logo in 2018, but I updated it last year with a more modern look for a new livery I was designing.

We Don’t Lift

This is a special logo for me because it is for my own company. When I first started doing graphic design in late 2015 the logo initially looked like this: I later realized that I needed to include the word “Racing” in the logo to make it more clear what we were doing as a …

Wild Child Innovations

I was commissioned to do a logo design for an automotive fabrication shop. He wanted to have his likeness represented by the logo, and had specific requirements as to which font was used. I gave him a few options and then he picked the parts from those options he liked best and I combined them …


I was commissioned to design a logo for a local small business owner who turns old car parts like camshafts into furniture and jewelry.