I’m Melissa James

Over the last five years I’ve had the amazing opportunity of teaming up with some great clients, working side by side to design and develop their company's branding and improve their marketing strategy.

I’m Melissa James

What I Love Doing

As a business owner I’ve had to develop a lot of skills from writing business plans to mudding and taping drywall. These are some of my best talents:


From pay-per-click ads, user generated content, to influencer management I have all the tools to drive sales.

Web Design

I can create responsive, interactive, and accessible websites with Bootstrap, WordPress, or Shopify.


I know how to set up and run both WooCommerce and Shopify stores. I can assist with dropshipping, white label, and brands both large and small.


I know the ins and outs of photography, allowing me to not only generate my own product photos, but also edit any photos I'm provided.


Local search results are my absolute specialty, but I am also skilled with the best practices for online search, including Google, YouTube, and Amazon.

Graphic Design

I've been making graphics on computers since I was a child - and now I have the whole Adobe Creative Suite in my grasp.